cPanel KVM Cloud Servers

Suitable for Website and Application Hosting. Solutions and resolutions in few minutes, not hours and never days.

Instantly deploy an SSD VPS.

All plans include cPanel.


Plan CPU RAM SSD Drive RAID Level Xfer Port Price cPanel Included
RHC 1 Core 1 (E5-2620 v3 or better) 2 GB 60 GB 10 Redundant 3 TB 1 gbps N15,600/mo Buy Now
RHC 2 Core 2 (E5-2620 v3 or better) 4 GB 85 GB 10 Redundant 5 TB 1 gbps N20,500/mo Buy Now
RHC 4 Core 4 (E5-2620 v3 or better) 8 GB 160 GB 10 Redundant 5 TB 1 gbps N26,700/mo Buy Now
RHC 6 Core 6 (E5-2620 v3 or better) 16 GB 320 GB 10 Redundant 6 TB 1 gbps N49,000/mo Buy Now

Special Features.
Included in all Cloud VPS Package

Instant Setup with scripted cPanel install

As soon as you place your order and make a successful payment via online or bank deposit your server will be activated immediately. We will then begin to install cPanel via a script giving you the most updated version of cPanel.

Hardware RAID

SSD nodes use RAID 10, all with hot swappable drive bays. Failed drives will be replaced without downtime, and without any impact on your VPS. We block over 90% of malicious traffic at the edge of our network

Amazing Network Capacity 850 Gbps

With over 850 Gbps network capacity there are few bandwidth requirements we can’t accommodate. Moving data effectively across the Internet requires choosing the best possible route for transmission.

Enterprise Hardware

All of our nodes run Enterprise Hardware. We carefully select and test Enterprise Grade Hardware so that your VPS is on the best hardware available. All of our nodes run Intel Xeon processors. We typically run Xeon E5-2620 v3 or better  CPUs.

We Provide 24 Hours Email and Phone Support to all Our Clients.
Feel free to contact us Email: support@rillahost.com | Call:  08123730650