7 Alarming things No Web Hosting Company Would Dare Tell You Before Buying a Domain Name for your Website…..(No 2 Will Blow Your Mind)

Welcome to the age where domain names or website addresses are as delicate as business

Before now, most businesses had already gone into operations and employed extremely expensive and tedious marketing solutions to become popular, for such businesses; they later
got a website just to keep up with trend, take Dangote PLC for an example.

For businesses, products, services or organizations that intend to thrive in today’s world, it has become a profitable requirement to have a website even before operations.
With over a billion websites out there, this article is set to make you not just another website owner but one of the smartest owners; beginning with the most important constituent – the

Let’s get you exposed to a carefully prepared secret recipe for cooking the right domain or website name.

1. Domain Name Extension
There are about 1,500 top-level domains (TLD) but of all these, look out for .com, .net or .org extensions. In a case where it is strictly required to keep the website within national context, then you can consider country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) such as .ng, .uk and the likes.

2. SEO Optimization
A domain name has a significant effect on sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which should not be neglected.
However, in a bid to get a keyword for a domain name, one should be careful not to be at the unrealistic extremes.

For an example, I visited a site recently with the domain name “card.com”.
At first it looked great but going on to a search engine to lookup only “card”, I got the worst impression; the site wasn’t listed at all.
Of course it can’t be listed because the domain name is too generic for a domain name which is an extreme usage of keyword, even when the company produces customize credit cards. On the other hand, it is not advisable to push in so many keywords into a domain name just to do well on search engines. An example of such greedy extreme usage could be “getcustomizedcreditcards.com”.

So the best place to be is between these extremes, having a name that will be unique but reflect your objective such as “rillahost.com” – offering hosting services, “mastercard.com” – offering card services, “paypal.com” – offering payment services, etc.

3. Domain Name Length
To keep it straight, aim to have a domain name that is 6 – 16 character long. This will make it memorable and faster to type and spell out as well as contain a small address bar as seen on mobile devices.

4. Brand Support
As mentioned in the SEO subsection above, the uniqueness of a domain name should be defined by a brand. It mustn’t be a keyword but make sure it is brandable like rilla in rillahost gives the gorilla brand as seen on the company’s logo. This is very important for long-term survival as the company can expand to rillafinance, rillalegal, rillaoil and at some point could get rillagroup.

Also avoid using a domain name that have a short life span such as names that goes with trend or one that over tightens your business or organization objectives – giving no room for expansions.

A domain name that supports branding will also save the owners the cost and pain of changing when the need arises.

5. Character Combination
Can other people comfortably pronounce your domain name and spell it exactly afterwards? If yes, then I am sure there are no hyphens, numbers or inappropriate alphabet combinations such as “laewg.com”. Even organizational abbreviations should be carefully considered to get a
character-friendly domain name.

6. Blacklist check
Not all domain names are new to the internet, some have been used for malicious or fraudulent purposes such as spamming and later dumped to expire as soon as it is blacklisted.
Unfortunately, not all of these domains are removed from such lists after expiration. Hence we recommend you look up a domain name on blacklisting platforms before using them.

7. Trademark Check
This is quite essential as some business and domain names may have been trademarked by preexisting firms or organizations and have the right to claim the domain name at any time.

The social media is also not out of these, as your desired domain name may have been used on social media by those who may not have a website but have something similar.
You may have to painfully give-up and pick another domain name if you ignore this checks before getting a domain name.

In conclusion, it is great to have multiple domain name options to pick from, if they make it through the above mentioned steps. To crown it all, peep into domain backlinks to see if you can enjoy the positive pre-existing reputation of an expired domain name. This will make you to gain faster prominence on search engines – like you’ve been there for long.

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